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So’ham Meditation
By Sandra Anderson On May 5, 2013

Develop your concentration, clarity, and inner stability.

Walking Meditation
By Shannon Sexton On May 5, 2013

Boost your energy, quiet mental chatter, and embrace the present moment with this walking meditation.

Meditation for Powerful Insight
By Anna Dubrovsky On June 6, 2013

During stressful, changing times, try this simple meditation from Kundalini Yoga teacher Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.

Creativity Meditation
By Hari Kiran Kaur Khalsa On June 6, 2013

Need a creativity boost? Try Yogi Bhajan’s inspiring meditation practice.

Loving-Kindness Meditation
By Linda Sparrowe On June 6, 2013

Learn to love yourself—and forgive others—with this Buddhist meditation.

Meditation: Discover Your Inner Witness
By Dorothy Spence On August 8, 2013

Observe the witness inside you that observes everything, and allow this space to expand.

A Meditation for Finding Gratitude within Your Heart
By Shari Friedrichsen On August 8, 2013

Meditate on the heart to get in touch with the gratitude that always lives there.

Panchamaya Koshas: A Guided Meditation
By Kathy (K.O.) Ornish On October 10, 2013

Move systematically through the body, breath, mind and heart sensing the relationship and interaction between them.

Heart-Healing Meditation
By Sue Neufeld On January 1, 2014

This short meditation will fill your heart with the healing energy of love, joy, and light and empty it of pain, sorrow, and darkness as you combine healing imagery with the flow of breath.

Meditation: Counting the Breath
By Rolf Sovik, PsyD On January 1, 2014

Deepen your concentration and calm your mind with this breath counting meditation.

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