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Pratyahara: The Art of Sense Withdrawal
By Sandra Anderson On June 6, 2013

Tired of having a distracted mind? Learn to rein it in through the pivotal practices of pratyahara (sense withdrawal).

31 Points Relaxation Audio Practice
By Steve Harris On July 7, 2013

Let your awareness settle deep in the body with this 31 point systematic relaxation practice.

Breath Awareness: Preparing for Relaxation
By Rolf Sovik, PsyD On September 9, 2013

This practice will allow you to sense the nourishment of the breath’s inhalation, and the release of fatigue on the exhalation. Give your body a sense of ease as you create an unbroken stream of breathing.

Breathe Through Anxiety
By Sarah Guglielmi On September 9, 2013

This simple technique of 2:1 breathing, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, will calm your nervous system, stimulate your body’s relaxation response, and slow down your mind.

Why We Focus on 61 Points in Relaxation
By Rolf Sovik, PsyD On September 9, 2013

The restorative practice of 61 Points is a systematic technique of moving your attention from one internal energy point to another.

Guided Relaxation: Preparing for Meditation
By Rolf Sovik, PsyD On September 9, 2013

To have a transcendental meditation experience, it is important to be completely relaxed. Enjoy this systematic relaxation with Rolf Sovik

Propping Tip: Create the Yoga Pillow
By Mia Park On February 2, 2014

Here’s how a simple blanket can make your relaxation even more relaxing!

Propping Tip: Blankets under the Knees
By Mia Park On February 2, 2014

Is your lower back comfortable when you lie in relaxation? Mia shows you how to use blankets to support and raise your knees so that your lower back can relax and flatten.

Kathy Ornish’s 5 Favorite Tools for Anxiety
By Kathy (K.O.) Ornish On February 2, 2014

These 5 powerful tools can calm you in the moment and can also create long-term change and transformation in your life.

Guided Relaxation: Finding Inner Stillness
By Sarah Guglielmi On April 4, 2014

Relaxation leads you to a still inner space in which you can sense the part of you that is pure awareness, ease, and peace. As you let go of tension, bringing awareness to your breathing and softening each area of the body, you will gradually move into that state of stillness.

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