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How to Change Your Stress Response
By Carrie Demers, MD On May 5, 2013

Yoga Postures for Fatigue Relief
By Marla Apt On June 6, 2013

The Four Bs (bolsters, blankets, blocks, and belts) help open the body to deep relaxation.

Avoiding Burnout
By Dakota Sexton On June 6, 2013

How to identify the source of your potential burnout—and 3 yogic ways to reenergize.

Burnout: 3 Stories for Yoga Teachers and Studio Owners
By Yoga International On June 6, 2013

For Jane Hansen, the proverbial final straw in her burnout experience came from a well-intentioned student. . .

Yogis Experience Stress Too
By James Keough On July 7, 2013

Yoga teachers are not immune to the ups and downs of life.

Kapha Pacifying Yoga
By Sarah Guglielmi On July 7, 2013

Participate in a great yoga practice for those days when you feel lethargic and dull or during kapha season (springtime).

A Story About the Power of the Breath
By Luke Ketterhagen On July 7, 2013

A dramatic realization that working with the breath can change our lives forever.

The Healthy Side of Stress
By Sandra Anderson On January 1, 2014

Scientists have been exploring the positive side of stress in human health.

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