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Science on Meditation and Your Brain
By Rabiya S. Tuma On June 6, 2013

What monks know—and we can learn—about the fruits of meditation.

The Real Meaning of Meditation
By Swami Rama On June 6, 2013

What is meditation? How does it work?

Meditation and Health Care
By Susan Taylor, PhD On July 7, 2013

Studies by major institutions indicate that meditation is helpful in overcoming illnesses.

Meditation: A Love Story
By Mary Gail Sovik On February 2, 2014

When our peaceful, loving, inner divinity calls us and invites us inside, all we have to do is acknowledge it and show up. This is the beginning of a love story called meditation.

The Formula for Self-Confidence
By Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD On February 2, 2014

When we lose self-confidence, we have lost the ability to see who we really are. Meditation is the formula for realizing that true confidence and strength lies in the deeper dimensions of ourselves.

Your Brain on Meditation
By Jon Janaka On April 4, 2014

Recently modern science has developed sophisticated tools to explore meditative practice for clues to how it affects our body and brain. And what they have been finding sheds new light on the power of meditation to make a measurable difference in our experience of the world.

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