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Beginner Series Part 1: Connect to Your Body and Breath
By Judy Moulton On December 12, 2014

Yoga intimidating? No! Yoga is for everyone, including you.

Honor Your Shadow Self
By Seane Corn On December 12, 2014

Shame, grief, jealousy, envy. Honor the fullness of your humanity.

Yoga to Slow Down
By Jackie Dobrinska On December 12, 2014

Is your world racing? Slow down with this integrative practice.

The Importance of Sustainable Service
By Seane Corn On December 12, 2014

Doing selfless service? Great. Take care of yourself, too.

The Yoga and Body Image Coalition: “This is What a Yogi Looks Like”
By Yoga International On December 12, 2014

A yogi looks like you. A yogi looks like me.

Reduce Fear, Increase Faith
By Shari Friedrichsen On December 12, 2014

A practice to wring out old stresses and reestablish self-assurance.

Yoga Isn’t Anti-Lookin’ Good
By Yoga International On November 11, 2014

Want to express your inner beauty? Yoga helps with that.

The Real Yoga Aesthetic
By Yoga International On November 11, 2014

Media got you down? Let your real yoga body shine!

When to Walk Away from Unhealthy Relationships
By Seane Corn On November 11, 2014

Is your relationship hurting you? When to walk away.

Master Class: Cultivate an Inward-Flowing Mind
By Sandra Anderson On November 11, 2014

Enjoy a practice that creates a stable, inward-flowing mind.

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