Yoga for Better Breathing

April 24, 2017    BY Constance Molleda

Yoga International LIVE

We're told that yoga and breathing go hand in hand. But do we know if we are breathing "right"? In this class with Constance, learn how to cultivate a smoother, deeper diaphragmatic breath by exploring postures that strengthen the diaphragm. When we connect with our breath during asana, we open up to a new depth in our practice.

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Constance Molleda
Constance is a 200 & 500 hour certified yoga instructor through the Himalayan Institute, where she’s worked and lived for a total of 4 years. She discovered yoga in 2008 as a busy college student at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and began formally teaching yoga in the summer of 2011. As a teacher, Constance wishes to help her students find peace in their practice and in life by focusing on breath work and relaxation—two fundamental areas of the practice where she has most benefited... Read more>>