Living Tradition, Modern Life.
Yoga Sutra Master Course

The sutras are vibrant, powerful, and ripened by the light of centuries of unbroken tradition. The Secret of the Yoga Sutra is made of many components designed to meet you exactly where you are. Program Components: THE SECRET OF THE... READ MORE

7 Day Self-Discovery Challenge

This 7-Day Self-Discovery Challenge will be nothing short of a life changing experience! You will become aware of yourself in a totally different light and continue to move forward on the path of self-transformation. The challenge will work like this:... READ MORE

The Four Desires

“Yoga’s supreme objective is to awaken an exalted state of spiritual realization, yet the tradition also teaches you how to live and how to shape your life with a commanding sense of purpose, capacity, and meaning. In... READ MORE

Free eCourse: Karma & Reincarnation

Understanding the dynamics of karma is the foundation for using our present circumstances to shape a joyful future. Take this opportunity to refine your knowledge of the dynamics of karma, the role of the mind in creating karma, and the... READ MORE

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