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What types of Membership do you offer?

In addition to our free Basic Membership we offer two tiers of paid membership—Digital and Premium. Becoming a basic member is a great way to get started with You'll immediately gain access to a greater range of content, and create your own profile so you can bookmark articles, recipes, participate in the discussion at the bottom of each post, and manage your subscription settings.

When you upgrade to Digital Membership you gain access to all of the digital content offered on*. This exclusive content includes more articles, multimedia, yoga classes, and online courses.

Upgrading to Premium Membership unlocks two key benefits:

  • Tuition-free seminars and live events*. Look for the  icon in our Guide to Programs to get a feel for what an incredible value this is.
  • Digital downloads. Our most requested feature! As a Premium member you will be able to download audio and video eCourse content* for offline playback on your computer or mobile device.

*some restrictions apply

What is the difference between Premium and Digital Membership?

Digital and Premium Membership differ in two ways:

  • Digital Membership is billed monthly. Premium Membership is billed annually.
  • Premium Members receive all Digital Membership benefits PLUS tuition-free event attendance and eCourse digital downloads.

Why is Premium Membership billed annually?

Because of the benefits associated with Premium Membership, it's not possible to offer monthly payments. Since the Digital Membership is offered as a monthly plan we present the monthly cost of Premium Membership for comparative purposes.

What is a Basic Membership?

A completely free option, Basic Membership is a great way to get started. Enjoy a sampling of members-only content, create your own personal queue of content to come back to; create a personalized recipe box; join the discussion on every post; and personalize your newsletter preferences.

I was a member of the Himalayan Institute. What happened to my membership?

Your membership carries over to Yoga International exactly the same as it was on There is no additional charge, and your membership term will renew on your existing anniversary date. If you have not setup your profile on this site, click here to request a new password.

What happened to the $60 Legacy Membership?

Legacy Membership became Donor Membership. Additionally, we have three levels of membership available. One is completely free. We have an introductory rate on our Digital memberhip right now that costs about $60 per year if you'd like to continue to support at that level.

Will my membership automatically renew?

As long as you remain an active member, your membership will automatically renew. At any time before your renewal date (found on your membership page), you can downgrade to a free Basic Membership and you will not be charged. However, that downgrade will take effect immediately and you wil loose access to Premium or Digital content. For Premium Members, we will notify you via email at 30 days and 7 days before your renewal date so you can decide to renew or downgrade at that time.

Upgrade/Downgrade Questions

I want to upgrade from Digital to Premium Membership. Do I get a refund on my paid Digital Membership?

Absolutely! We automatically pro-rate the remaining value of your Digital Membership towards your $299 yearly annual membership.

I want to downgrade my membership because I'm not sure if I want to renew at the end of my cycle. Can I do that now?

We recommend you downgrade you membership close to your renewal date because when you downgrade, your downgraded membership begins immediately. We do not refund unused membership dues. For Premium Members who we bill annually, we will send you email notices at 30 and 7 days before your renewal date. For all paying memberships, you can always see your renewal date in your account profile.

Why dont you offer a refund if I downgrade my Premium Membership?

Our Premium Membership model is built around annual billing. Premium Members can attend live events and download eCourse content. There is no way to quantify how much of your Premium Membership has been "used" because we have no way of knowing how much content you have consumed online and in person. Therefore, the only way we can offer you such a great value for $299/year is to bill on an annual cycle.

Magazine/Archive Questions

Where is the archive from the print magazine?

The entire site is comprised of articles from the magazine, along with new content. Articles on are not organized by issue, they are organized by topic and channel. In addition, some of the content from the 22-year history of the magazine has never been digitized. We are working to add more content from the archives each month. Also, keep in mind the dates on the articles are not the original publish date, rather, they are the dates when the content was added to the new website.

What's the best way to find an article from the magazine?

If you're looking for a specific article, try searching for part of the title or for the author. In some cases, articles were broken into chunks or re-titled. You can also try searching for a specific key work in the article (ie. yoga sutra 1.1). If you cannot find it, it may be because it has not yet been published. Check back on frequently to see what new content has been added.

Website Questions

I've forgotten my password. How do i reset it?

You can request a new password here.

I've forgotten the email address that I used to register my account.

We’re happy to help. Go to our Help page to request your user name information. Please be sure to spell your name properly as it was when you registered for your membership.

How do I sign up for your newsletters?

We have several options for newsletter subscriptions. Become a member to set your newsletter preferences.

How can I subscribe to your magazine?

In June of 2013 we ceased publication of the magazine. Learn more here.

Do you have a mobile site or application?

This site was designed to be fully responsive. It will display properly on any modern monitor, tablet, and popular smartphones. With the exception of downloading eCourse content, all features are designed to work on any device. This is a limitation of the operating system on those devices.

I'm a Premium Member, and I cannot download eCourses to my tablet or mobile device, is your site broken?

Many tablet and mobile device manufacturers limit access to the file structure on their devices. This means you will need to download the files to your computer and transfer them to your device the way you would any other media. This is a limitation of the devices operating system, not

I'm able to log in, but media files are not playing, is your site broken?

It may be, and if it is we are working on fixing the problem as fast as we can. When we have a known issue we post to our twitter account. You can read our posts there even if you do not have a twitter account. If we have not posted a notification, it is most likely an issue with your system. A simple restart fixes 99% of problems. If problems persist after a restart, please fill out the form on our help page and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

What browser works best with

The site is designed to display properly in the current version of every moden browser. We reccomend Chrome and Safari. Internet Explorer is our least favorite.

Retreats & Guest Info

Can I bring young children with me?

Our programs are designed for adults, and our guests generally are looking for an atmosphere conducive to a quiet retreat. However, we do have a limited number of spaces in our Guest House (located on our campus outside the main building) which can accommodate families. Call (800) 822-4547 for availability and charges. Please note that we do not provide childcare.

Can I bring my pet(s)?

We do not have the facilities to care for your pet, but click here for a list of nearby kennels.

Does Yoga International offer scholarships or financial aid?

We are committed to making our teachings accessible to anyone seeking to study yoga, meditation, and holistic health. Scholarships help to serve The Himalayan Institute’s mission and reflect our desire to be accessible. When funding is available, we will consider individuals who would not be able to participate due to financial restraints. The Himalayan Institute offers thousands of dollars in scholarships and Financial Aid annually.

Scholarships are made possible by the generous support of the Himalayan Institute’s patrons and donors.

Certification Programs

Who certifies your programs?

Eligible training programs are certified by the Himalayan Institute, who is fully acreddited by Yoga Alliance.

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