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The Secret of the Yoga Sutra

…Tigunait, PhD, is a modern-day master and living link to the unbroken Himalayan Tradition. He is the spiritual head of the Himalayan Institute and the author of 15 books. Over the past 35 years, Pandit Tigunait has touched innumerable lives as a teacher, humanitarian, and visionary spiritual leader. Full bio>> The…

The Power of Mantra

…The sages tell us that our essential nature is truth, consciousness, and bliss, and that the source of our misery is estrangement from our essential nature. Although the mind searches unceasingly for ways to end its suffering, they say, it usually confines its search to the external world and thus…

A Seeker’s Guide to Samadhi

…Samadhi is a hot topic in yoga circles. Some practitioners believe samadhi and enlightenment are synonymous. Others think samadhi leads to enlightenment, while yet another group is convinced samadhi makes the mind go blank. Some of those seeking samadhi hope it will fall into their hands if they pray hard…

The Formula for Self-Confidence

…When we lack self-confidence, we are dependent on transitory objects of the world and other people's opinions of who we are.  The power of self-trust and self-worth is an aspect of yoga that has been lost.  Meditation is the formula for regaining self-confidence - for harnessing the enormous power of…

Dissolving Our Fear of Death Through Meditation

…Q: My best friend was killed in a car accident recently, and her sudden death made me realize that I’m afraid of dying. Does it hurt? A: No, death doesn’t hurt. Death brings peace and takes away our pain. What does hurt though is fear of death. If we can overcome that,…

Tantra: The Perfect Methodology for the Modern Age

…Panditji explains that anyone can practice tantra. You don’t have to renounce your beliefs, religion, culture, or your ice cream, he says. Just apply tantra’s time-tested techniques to yourself and find freedom from all conflicts, doubts, and fears.

Breathing For a Clear, Calm and Tranquil Mind

…Panditji; Panditji dug a lovely gaddha [pit] Up from that sprang Gandhi buddha     [old man Gandhi].  The silliness of the rhyme loosened the boy. He relaxed enough to recite the poem in a manner that brought out his ingrained breathing habits. At each retroflex letter, further accentuated by an…

Redefining Success

…Q: I have been searching for a big goal to give my life significance. I’ve reached my mid-30s and so far my life has been a failure. How can I change this? A: We make our lives complicated and ourselves miserable by setting what we imagine are lofty goals. When…

Yoga and America Part 1: Before Yoga Came to America

…Panditji explains that asana was relatively unimportant, except to prepare the body for meditation. He also comments that there were two main types of people who practiced yoga—the sadhus and the occasional practitioners—though no one looked to yoga as a profession.

Yoga and America Part 2: The Arrival

…Panditji mentions a number of masters who brought their knowledge of yoga philosophy and practice here. He describes how yoga grew organically, with its different limbs or aspects integrated, until the late 1970’s, when a new trend started that included brand-name yoga and an almost exclusive emphasis on asana. He…

All Results For 'Pandit Rajmani Tigunait'
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