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Yoga International invites you to be powerful and present as you grow your yoga practice with in-depth videos and articles. You can quickly download and view our inspirational and educational yoga videos online. We make it easy to explore yoga on your computer, phone, tablet or TV. As a member, you’ll have access to classes with skilled instructors and the latest approaches to practice. We also provide interesting, scientifically sound resources on an array of topics, such as yoga therapy, yoga lifestyles, and instruction. Our community is where you belong whether you are seeking an athletic challenge, steady progress, or restorative techniques. With Yoga International as your online yoga partner, you will be able to view practice techniques and quick tutorials geared to a variety of levels. Read an inspiring article or move through an energizing, half-hour Vinyasa class. Practice according to your schedule, and strengthen your physical, spiritual and mental self with Yoga International.

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What could be better than joining a community that educates and motivates? When you sign up for a free, 30-day trial membership, you’ll gain access to engaging classes in your preferred length and style, led by your choice of instructor. Connect with gentle, flowing, dynamic, or challenging classes. Also take advantage of a full library of online yoga articles, covering topics such as alignment and anatomy. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in fun yoga sessions wherever you are or attend live events that delve into the depth of the discipline. Enhance your understanding of yoga through digital conferences organized by leaders in the yoga community. We would love if you started – or refreshed – a yoga lifestyle with us. Revitalize your mind, body, and practice by exploring our membership resources or enrolling in a trial membership now!

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