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The Third Chakra
By Kat Heagberg On June 10, 2013

Build strength and stability in your asana practice by focusing on the “city of jewels,” or the third chakra.

Manipura Chakra: In Practice
By Sandra Anderson On October 29, 2013

The manipura chakra, located in the lumbar spine and the navel center, is the physical and metaphoric connection between the heart and the pelvis.

Manipura Chakra: Navel Center
By Sandra Anderson On October 29, 2013

The third chakra, manipura, translates as "city of hidden gems" - representing an inner illumination. Dominated by the fire element, this chakra is the entry point to working with the physical body and initiating spiritual practice.

Working with Habits at the Third Chakra
By Sandra Anderson On November 21, 2013

If you want to transform the energies of the first chakra, work at the third chakra—the navel center.

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