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Gut Reaction: Ayurveda for IBS
By Carrie Demers, MD On May 6, 2013

All-natural treatment plan for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The 12 Hour Fast
By Shannon Sexton On May 11, 2013

This simple ayurvedic fast helps the body facilitate cleansing while you sleep.

Ayurveda’s Tips for the Road
By Vasant Lad On May 11, 2013

Appreciate the pleasures of travel with ayurveda’s bag of tricks.

Detoxing Your Digestive Tract (and Clearing Congestion)
By Michael Grady On May 11, 2013

This cleansing technique helps you clear congestion from a cold, allergies, or hay fever, and stokes your fire.

Ayurvedic Tips for Constipation
By Carrie Demers, MD On May 11, 2013

Carrie Demers, MD, answers your questions about constipation from an ayurvedic point of view.

Proper Digestion: Essential for Personal Transformation
By Karen Johnston and Glenn Scherer On June 28, 2013

No one meditates well on an upset stomach.

Our Gut & The Microbiome
By Susan Taylor, PhD On August 22, 2013

Our gut is our inner tube for health and happiness, running from mouth to anus. When it is out of line, we are, too!

3 Components of Healthy Digestion
By Susan Taylor, PhD On September 3, 2013

Learn how to improve your digestion by paying attention to three simple things: time, quality and quantity.

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