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Heal Your Heart: 4 Surprising Links Between Emotions and Heart Disease
By Valerie Contract On May 11, 2013

Your emotional health affects your heart health

Holistic Healing For Your Heart
By Carrie Demers, MD On December 23, 2013

Healing the heart requires a holistic plan that looks not only at diet and exercise, but also at the mind and emotions.

Heart Disease is Reversible
By Carrie Demers, MD On January 4, 2014

A holistic approach to healing can reverse heart disease! Dr. Carrie explains the dynamics of heart disease and describes research done over the past 2 ½ decades showing that exercise, a healthy diet, and relief from stress, depression, and loneliness are key elements in reversing heart disease.

Yoga and Ayurveda’s View of Heart Disease
By Carrie Demers, MD On January 27, 2014

Why is heart disease so prevalent? Because, as a society, we are disconnected from our hearts, live in our heads, and suffer from depression and loneliness. Ayurveda and yoga see our hearts, minds, and emotions as being inextricably intertwined and prescribe taking quiet time to rest in and connect with our hearts.

Inflammation, Not High Cholesterol, May Cause Heart Disease
By James Keough On February 26, 2014

A combination of yoga, meditation, and a diet rich in good fats and antioxidants can help prevent it.

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