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Discover a Silent Sanctuary in Washington State’s Olympic National Park
By Edward Readicker-Henderson On March 1, 2008

In 2005, Gordon Hempton, an Emmy-winning natural-sounds recording artist who was recovering from a bout of temporary deafness chose this tiny spot of land in the Hoh Rain Forest and declared it a sanctuary of quiet. The One Square Inch project was born.

For Travelers Yearning to Fly Green
By Kelpie Wilson On May 31, 2013

Are carbon offsets a way to get flying back on the side of the angels?

NRDC Scientist Allen Herschkowitz: The Godfather of Greening
By Anna Dubrovsky On June 3, 2013

When venues want to reduce their environmental toll, they turn to a Gandhi-inspired scientist.

Outdoor Adventures: 6 Ways to Nurture Your Bond With Nature
By Jake Miller On June 3, 2013

Q&A with Vandana Shiva: The Future of the Forests
By Anna Dubrovsky On June 3, 2013

Eco-crusader Vandana Shiva explains why we must reevaluate our relationship with trees.

Natural Disasters: Contemplating Catastrophe
By Sandra Anderson On June 3, 2013

Painful as they are, natural disasters are an inextricable part of the world around us.

Pedal Power: Eco-Commuting for Yogis
By Dakota Sexton On June 3, 2013

Commuting by bike becomes even sweeter you're provided incentives to ride.

The Good Black Magic That Could Save The Earth
By Kelpie Wilson On June 3, 2013

Literally “dark earth,” Amazonian terra preta has un-pretty names like biochar and agrichar.

Trees Are the Ark That Can Save Us
By Kelpie Wilson On June 3, 2013

The earth’s climate is a finely balanced dynamic system.

6 Ways to Honor the Moon
By Deborah Willoughby On June 3, 2013

Here are 6 ways to deepen your connection to the beautiful, soothing phases of the moon.

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