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Breath Awareness: Preparing for Relaxation
By Rolf Sovik, PsyD On September 17, 2013

This practice will allow you to sense the nourishment of the breath’s inhalation, and the release of fatigue on the exhalation. Give your body a sense of ease as you create an unbroken stream of breathing.

Guided Relaxation: Preparing for Meditation
By Rolf Sovik, PsyD On September 24, 2013

To have a transcendental meditation experience, it is important to be completely relaxed. Enjoy this systematic relaxation with Rolf Sovik

45-Minute Complete Yoga Practice
By Shari Friedrichsen On November 25, 2013

Good news for busy yogis! Here’s a daily asana, relaxation, pranayama, and meditation practice that you can complete in just 45 minutes!

Yoga for Tranquility and Mindfulness
By Lauren Toolin On January 31, 2014

So many times during the day we struggle with ourselves, our co-workers, and family. This yoga practice offers a time to turn toward mindfulness.

Build Ojas with Gentle Movement
By Ginny Mazzei On May 1, 2014

Build ojas, your vital essence, with this short, gentle practice.

Ageless Yoga for Everyone
By Jean Mazzei On July 2, 2014

Move with the breath in this gentle asana practice.

Breath-Connected Movement for Inner Focus
By Judy Moulton On July 21, 2014

Unite movement and breath to draw the mind inward.

Stretch and Breathe
By Rolf Sovik, PsyD On July 21, 2014

A short 30 minute practice that nourishes the body with breath.

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