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What is Happiness?
By Dhanya Moffitt On June 13, 2013

The Upanishads show us how to recognize the source of true fulfillment.

Science and Consciousness
By Dennis Waite On June 13, 2013

Find out how Vedanta’s nondual philosophy sheds light on the inherent limitations of scientific inquiry.

Eternal Knowledge: The Wisdom of the Upanishads
By Swami Rama On December 20, 2013

The philosophy of the Upanishads first frees the student to cast away his intellectual slavery to blind faith, superstitions, sectarian beliefs, and dogmas.

The Paradox of Free Will
By Dennis Waite On January 29, 2014

Why do you act the way that you do? If you do something because you want to, then perhaps you believe you are exercising free will. But is this true even when you trace the source of your desire?

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