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Meditate or Medicate? Teens and Hypertension
By Dolores Wood On September 22, 2005

Is medication really necessary?

Confessions of a Meditator
By Irene Petryszak On June 3, 2013

In the calmness of meditation we get glimpses of our best self…and our worst.

Meditation: A Love Story
By Mary Gail Sovik On February 10, 2014

When our peaceful, loving, inner divinity calls us and invites us inside, all we have to do is acknowledge it and show up. This is the beginning of a love story called meditation.

The Formula for Self-Confidence
By Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD On February 18, 2014

Regain self-confidence and the ability to see who you truly are.

The Importance of a Daily Meditation Practice
By Sandra Anderson On March 11, 2014

Daily meditation helps to reinforce the practice as a habit.

Meditation Matters the Most
By Rod Stryker On May 29, 2014

Master teacher Rod Stryker reflects on his personal practice and the essential role meditation plays in it.

Less is More: Meditation and Accessing Our Inner Wealth
By Nancy Francis On October 16, 2014

What's the key to the simple life? Shifting our perspective.

Q&A: Meditation and Self Understanding
By Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD On October 21, 2014

Rising above our attachments and aversions through meditation.

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