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Bringing Yoga and Healing to Cambodia
By Kristin Barendsen On November 15, 2007

Isabelle Skaburskis and her colleague Yan Vannac bring yoga back to Cambodia with the country's first yoga center. Together, they are helping Khmer students recover from the trauma of unimaginable horrors of the recent past.

Teaching Ashtanga Yoga in Rwanda
By Anna Dubrovsky On March 3, 2011

Rwandan women access their power after trauma through ashtanga yoga.

Proof That Yoga Works
By Olga Overmeyer On July 1, 2012

A study proves what we've always known: our practice brings us peace.

The Art of Surrender: Yoga & Fibromyalgia
By Shannon Sexton On May 9, 2013

War and Peace of Mind
By Joelle Hann On May 20, 2013

Total Force Fitness, a new model of holistic wellness, can help soldiers

Yoga for the People
By Amy Karafin On May 23, 2013

An innovative teacher training program aims to make yoga accessible for all.

Joanna Macy on Yoga, Buddhism, and Eco-Activism
By Kelpie Wilson On May 24, 2013

After so many setbacks, how can eco-activists find the heart to carry on?

China: The New Yoga Superpower
By Daniel Simpson On May 24, 2013

Millions of Chinese are embracing the ancient Indian practice of yoga—or at least its American version.

The Yoga of Work: Love Your Job, Love Your Life!
By Eknath Easwaran On May 24, 2013

These secrets from Gandhi and the Bhagavad Gita will help you master the art of joyful work—and accelerate your spiritual evolution.

A Caregiver’s Guide to Compassion
By Irene Petryszak On May 27, 2013

Taking care of an aging parent can be challenging…

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