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Yoga for Hips and Hamstrings
By AnaMargret Sanchez On August 15, 2013

Make friends with your hamstrings and hips!

Yoga for Heart Disease
By Susi Gillespie Amendola On August 29, 2013

Make the transition from all your duties, activities, and business of the day to offer and receive the energy of the heart to and from a loved one. T

Yoga Therapy: A Living Healing Tradition Part 3
By Gary Kraftsow On September 4, 2013

Yoga Therapy: A Living Healing Tradition Part 2
By Gary Kraftsow On September 4, 2013

Yoga for Lower Back Pain
By AnaMargret Sanchez On September 30, 2013

The muscles of the back are the focus of this yoga practice. Warm up the spine through gentle movements coordinated with the breath, and strengthen the back of the body with variations of shalabhasana (locust pose).

Asana and Pranayama for Anxiety and Concentration
By Kathy (K.O.) Ornish On November 1, 2013

Increase concentration, reduce anxiety, and enhance right-left integration of body and mind with this unique practice.

Awaken Your Feet
By Jeanne Heileman On February 11, 2014

Your body will thank you after this short, therapeutic sequence.

Yoga for Kyphosis
By AnaMargret Sanchez On August 6, 2014

A great sequence if you sit long hours at a desk.

Managing Grief
By Shari Friedrichsen On January 22, 2015

Heart heavy? Breathe. Release. And loosen the grip of sorrow.

Yoga for Nurses
By Shari Friedrichsen On March 16, 2015

Nurses, relax with a practice that takes care of just you!

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