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Infant Massage: A Yoga-Inspired Relaxation for Baby
By Kirti On July 6, 2015

New mom? Learn how massage can calm your baby's parasympathetic nervous system!

Intro to Qigong Practice
By Ben McLellan On July 1, 2015

Looking for a boost in energy and health? Try qigong!

Vayu Salute: A Sun Salutation to Balance Your Energy
By Sarah Hutchinson On June 30, 2015

Ready to learn a new sun salutation? Try vayu salutes!

Mommy and Me Yoga
By Kirti On June 26, 2015

New mom? Include your little one in your asana practice!

How to Step Forward from Downward Facing Dog
By Nikki Estrada On June 17, 2015

Can’t step up from downdog with ease? Learn how now!

Radiant Body Practice
By Sandra Anderson On June 12, 2015

Need more energy, enthusiasm, and courage? Activate the pranic hub!

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