Learn to Modify a Sun Salute Using a Chair
By Sarah Guglielmi On November 27, 2015

Chair sun salutes can be a useful modification for just about anyone.

Simple, Quick, and Challenging
By Kat Heagberg On November 24, 2015

Think you have to choose between "quick" and "challenging"? Think again!

Why Headstand Isn’t Appropriate for Everyone
By Ralph Stephens On November 19, 2015

Learn why headstand isn't appropriate for everyone, and how to access whether or not your students are ready for this challenging inversion.

Fly Like a Bird: A 40-Minute Power Practice
By Kat Heagberg On November 18, 2015

Fly like a pro in this advanced power-flow!

Hip Strength Sequence for Lower Body Stability
By Sarah Guglielmi On November 17, 2015

This strong sequence, full of inner and outer thigh-strengthening postures, will help you cultivate low back and hip stability.

Sweat to Bliss Live Class
By Luke Ketterhagen On November 9, 2015

A Yoga Practice for Overcoming Overwhelm
By Jackie Dobrinska On November 6, 2015

Bills, work, relationships overwhelming you? Learn quick techniques to de-stress!

What Are Trigger Points?
By Ralph Stephens On November 6, 2015

Got mystery pain? Manage your trigger points for sweet relief.

Strengthen Your Arch
By Ralph Stephens On November 5, 2015

Have a collapsed arch? You can exercise it back up!

Post Work/School Yoga: A Practice to Come Home To
By Brooke Sullivan On November 2, 2015

Need to slow down? Find supportive tranquility in breath-focused asana.