12 Products and Companies We Love This Summer

This summer, Yoga International sought 12 sustainable companies committed to making a positive social, environmental, and economic impact. We hope you'll find everything you need to prepare yourself for the season—and that you’re left feeling inspired

This Om Namah Shivaya Ring and Rose Quartz Gold Vermeil Necklace add heart and soul to any outfit! And 10% of Ananda Jewelry profits help keep youth off the streets through their partnership with the Safe Childhoods Foundation. How beautiful is that?  Learn More>>

By purchasing these eco-friendly Victoria Sunglasses you offer the gift of sight through Panda’s partnership with Optometry Giving Sight. Their 100% UVA/UVB protection and lightweight feel make them the perfect choice for summer adventures!  Learn More>>

Protect your skin from summer bugs and rays with this SPF 34 Anti-Bug Sunscreen! This balm is water-resistant and carries a sweet scent of citronella and cedar. Badger is an environmentally friendly, family-owned company.  Learn More>>

This Sedona Hanging Chair comfortably cradles your neck, shoulders, and spine—leaving you feeling weightless, as if on a cloud! Each hammock is 100% handwoven by Thai artisans, so your purchase helps provide sustainable job creation in their communities  Learn More>>

This Convertible Bra Top–Japanese Floral is a secure and stylish fit for days at the beach and lounging poolside! And as you relax in the sun, rest assured that its production is eco-friendly! Who knew recycled polyester could look and feel this great?  Learn More>>

Look and feel great in this light and breezy Heart Chakra Tank–Womens Racerback created by Ekaminhale—a company whose mission asks us to remember how yoga transforms our lives and puts “Yoga first. Business second.”  Learn More>>

Purchasing this Richard Long (fitted) T-Shirt helps to support Survival International in their global efforts to preserve indigenous land rights. Survival was founded in 1969 in response to Amazonian genocide, and their work remains as pertinent as ever.  Learn More>>

“Carry an education” with a Lucas–Nautical Stone Book Bag, designed to help provide scholarships for students in need. You’ll find it's sturdy and durable, as well as spacious, with a compartment for your laptop and plenty of room for books.  Learn More>>

Ghee (clarified butter) is known in Ayurveda as medicinal oil which nourishes agni (fire). Pure Indian Organics’ 100% Organic Ghee (from grass-fed cows) is a perfect option for this shelf-stable food—it’s sustainably produced, and tasty too!  Learn More>>

These sophisticated hand-knotted Rudraksha (prayer bead) Bhakti Turquoise and Tranquil Amethyst Malas are perfect reminders of devotion and simple to wear in beauty. Mala Collective promotes fair trade and job creation in their Bali community.  Learn More>>

Banyan Botanicals is committed to fair trade, organic, sustainably sourced products. Their Organic Neem Oil is cooling, moisturizing, and feels lovely on the face. As it soothes pitta, neem is the perfect remedy for skin irritation in the heat of summer!  Learn More>>

Forget plastic knives, forks, and containers this summer and trade them in for reusable To-Go Ware. This 2-Tier Stainless Steel Food Carrier, RePEaT Utensil Set-Avocado, and 2-Tier Recycled Cotton Carrier Bag are perfect for picnics and road trips.  Learn More>>

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