30-Minute Daily Yoga Practice

July 3, 2013    BY Greg Capitolo

This sequence provides balanced opening and strengthening for the whole body.  Beginning with warmups for the arms, chest, and shoulders, it includes forward, side, and back bending postures, hip openers, twisting and balancing postures, and abdominal squeeze.  There is also a short, vigorous pranayama practice and, at the end, a self-directed relaxation.

Yoga Mats Courtesy of Jade Yoga

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Greg Capitolo
Greg Capitolo began practicing hatha yoga and meditation in 1994. He studied with several experienced yoga teachers while working in accounting, finance, and IT. After completing the Himalayan Institute’s teacher training program in 2005, Greg began teaching yoga classes at corporations in the Bay Area. In 2006, Greg took residence at HI where he currently serves as Programming Director and Treasurer.

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