30-Minute Practice: Yoga to Support Contentment

November 2, 2016    BY Keya Williams

Learn how to find contentment and calm on and off the mat. Join Keya for a sequence—featuring "spinal-roll" transitions, leg lifts, planks, warrior III, humble warrior, eagle, wheel, and more—designed to help you cultivate equanimity. 

Let's start.

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Keya Williams
Keya received her yoga training through the Himalayan Institute and teaches classes and workshops around the U.S. A busy mom of three, wife and Yoga Lifestyle Consultant, Keya knows just how challenging it can be to manage life with a house full of kids and other obligations. That's why she is passionate about teaching other busy moms, practical strategies to juggle Life & Kids without burning out. Are you a mom who could use more peace, energy and focus in your life? Get Keya’s free video... Read more>>


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