45-Minute Compassion Yoga Flow

December 11, 2015    BY Allison Egan Datwani

When commitments are many and the stressors mount, do you have trouble holding on to your equanimity? Or remembering to extend compassion and gratitude to yourself? With a serene and concentrated practice of heart openers, Allison Egan Datwani will help you to quietly recharge—while guiding you through an experiential reminder of all there is to be grateful for.  

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Allison Egan Datwani
Allison Egan Datwani is a creative and compassionate yoga teacher with a precise and mindful style. For over 25 years Allison has been guiding people to move, breathe, feel, release, center and heal. Her knowledge of the mind, body and emotional connection is drawn from a lifetime of studying movement starting with dance as a young adult to gym workouts and then eventually committing to finding herself on the yoga mat. She received her yoga teacher training from Cyndi Lee's Buddhist inspired... Read more>>