A Practice to Combat the Effects of Sitting

August 6, 2015    BY Ben McLellan

How often do we sit? A lot. When we sit, some muscles become tight and some become weak. Yikes! Join Ben in activating the core musculature (which tends to shut down when we're sitting) and releasing tension from the glutes, hamstrings, and psoas. This practice features low lunge, pyramid, side angle, traveling horse, and a variety of planks to bring new length to the musculature and reestablish strength.  

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Ben McLellan
Ben McLellan offers Executive and Life Coaching, Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation & Chi Gong in a welcoming and professional environment for students and clients of all levels. Ben's current and past clientele range from those interested in stress reduction, career coaching, spiritual guidance, and aging gracefully. Using the Eastern Healing Arts, Ben provides a balance between the individual desires of his clients regarding their physical body and promoting and emphasizing a mind-body connection.... Read more>>


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