AcroYoga Tutorial: Back Bird to Star Transition

June 18, 2016    BY Chris Loebsack & Brian Davis

Learn how to progress from "back bird" to "star" in this heart-opening, strength-building three-minute AcroYoga tutorial. Chris and Brian will guide you step by step in three stages: a silent demo, an examination of base and flyer's roles, and spotting for safety. They'll also share simple alignment cues to make this transition even more advanced (just in case you're looking for an additional challenge!).

Audio and video downloads are available for Digital Members.

Chris Loebsack
Chris Loebsack, 500 E.R.Y.T, fell in love with yoga in 1995 and began teaching in 2003. Chris uses the power of yoga to create a space for students that cultivates trust, playfulness and Divine connection with themselves and with community. Living by her mantra, Clarity, Integrity and Love, she draws upon her partner yoga practice to share the healing power of touch and safe intimacy.

A passion for discovering subtlety in movement has lead Chris to deepen her education with the Anatomy... Read more>>

Brian Davis
Brian Davis began practicing yoga as a form of physical therapy and rehabilitation after a serious injury in 2002. Brian became a yoga teacher in 2011 and an AcroYoga teacher in 2014. He has been teaching all over the country and around the world. When he is not lifting someone up in the air, he is renovating houses.


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