All Levels Vinyasa: Focus on Backbends

December 16, 2016    BY Sara Trapani

Open through the chest and stretch, and strengthen with this 40-minute backbend-focused class. Enjoy moving through a seated cat-cow-to-boat pose flow, practicing camel pose variations, and more. Let's begin!

Props: 2 blocks

Thank you to JadeYoga, the official mat of Yoga International.

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Sara Trapani
Sara Trapani, E-RYT, is founder and director of Whole Sky Yoga in High Falls, New York. Her teaching style is grounded in Vinyasa Yoga and strikes a balance between creative sequencing and simple, safe alignment.

She has practiced and studied yoga for more than a decade and has nearly 2000 hours of teaching experience. Trapani discovered her love of yoga and teaching it while in Senegal with the U.S. Peace Corps, where she first taught classes to young women.

She is also a longtime yoga... Read more>>


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