Awaken Your Mother Divine: Replenishing Yoga for Busy Moms

October 4, 2016    BY Kirti Daryanani

Busy yoga mamas: what makes you feel divine? Join Kirti for a sequence that is both restorative and strengthening so that you can reset and practice some much needed self-care. This class includes a restorative supine butterfly pose, side plank, viparita karani ("inverted action pose," which is a half shoulderstand), and more. Practice concludes with a long, restful savasana

Take some time for yourself—you deserve it!

Props: a towel, a block, blankets

Thank you to JadeYoga, the official mat of Yoga International.

Audio and video downloads are available for Digital Members.

Kirti Daryanani
Kirti Daryanani is the founder & director of Lotus Yoga Aruba®, Lotus Yoga Living by Kirti® and is a “Himalayan Institute Teachers Association” Certifed Yoga Instructor registered at Yoga Alliance (RYT). Kirti travels, mainly between Asia and the Caribbean, spreading her knowledge through lectures, workshops and classes on Yoga philosophy, health and well-being.

Kirti was drawn to Yoga at the very young age of 12 after taking her first Yoga class and has been blessed to be in the... Read more>>


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