Brahmana: Yoga Practice for Energizing Effect

July 30, 2013    BY Karina Mirsky

This yoga practice emphasizes inhalation, backbends, twists, and heating postures, resulting in increased energy. Brahmana entails strong activation throughout the sequence, leaving the practitioner energized. Concludes with a deep relaxation followed by nadi shodhanam (alternate nostril breathing) emphasizing kumbhaka (retention of the breath), and a brief visualization. Props: yoga block (optional).

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Karina Mirsky
Karina Mirsky is a certified ParaYoga teacher and the director of Sangha Yoga in Kalamazoo, MI. She holds a master’s degree in East/West Psychology and is an adjunct professor of Yoga Studies at Antioch University Midwest. Karina draws on her experience as a performance artist, massage therapist, and cancer survivor to convey yoga as a therapeutic science and catalyst for personal transformation. In the March 2008 issue of Yoga Journal, she was featured as one of 21 teachers under the age of... Read more>>


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