Camel Pose & Little Thunderbolt: A Backbend Journey

October 10, 2017    BY Noah Mazé

Let's practice kneeling backbends!

Explore thoracic extension with Noah as he breaks down supta virasana (reclined hero pose) and laghu vajrasana (little thunderbolt pose) and leads you steadily toward the expansive kapotasana (pigeon pose). 

Have a block and a strap on hand. 

Thank you to JadeYoga, the official mat of Yoga International.

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Noah Mazé
Noah Mazé is papa to Madeleine and Oliver; but best known for his clear and precise teaching style, tangible knowledge, and an ability to transmit with openness, curiosity, and wit. In the words of his students: Noah’s fierce and compassionate dedication to yoga inspires and holds space for students to journey deeper into body, heart, mind, and spirit than they ever could have imagined.

Noah began a regular practice of hatha yoga when he was 14 years old. Early on, he was honored to study... Read more>>


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