Cross-Training for Yogis: Pull!

April 22, 2016    BY Jayme Sweere

There are a lot of pushing actions involved in an average yoga practice, but what about pulling? Use this short sequence to focus on "pulling" to strengthen your upper body and access muscles that are difficult to reach in an average yoga practice. 

To learn more about why cross-training is an important aspect of a well-rounded yoga practice, read "Does Traditional Yoga Lead to Muscular Imbalance? Part 1" by Jenni Rawlings.

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Jayme Sweere
I came to yoga as a professional athlete, looking for it's physical benefits but what I have discovered has been transformative and healing beyond words. What I have learned from the Himalayan Tradition is most certainly profound in it's depths but more importantly to me, in it's simplicity. These ideals are where I strive to teach from, grounding in modern science with practical application for daily life. I have been honored to produce The Secret of the Yoga Sutra Master Course and other... Read more>>


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