Q&A with Noah Mazé

You can practice and study with Noah anytime, anywhere on Yoga International.

Seven new classes with him are available to members today (with more coming very soon)! You can choose from a variety of class styles including vinyasa, pose-focused and theme-based classes, anatomical/body-region-based classes, and classes with a meditative focus.

Who is Noah Mazé?

Known as a “teacher of yoga teachers” (no matter what style of yoga they embrace), Noah began practicing at age 14. He has studied with Richard Freeman, Pattabhi Jois, and senior Iyengar teacher Manouso Manos and is currently a student of tantric scholar Douglas R. Brooks in the Srividya lineage of Rajanaka Yoga.

Noah founded Noah Mazé Yoga in 2003, and the yoga school YOGAMAZÉ in Los Angeles, California in 2012. He is ever formulating and evolving a yoga curriculum to serve both teachers and students worldwide and circulates the globe offering classes, workshops, and intensives. Always a student, Noah continues his yoga education by studying with teachers of many yoga styles and traditions.

What can YI members expect from Noah’s classes?

Students can expect thorough, thoughtful, and complete practices from Noah. His first batch of classes includes ten intermediate-to-advanced-level practices ranging from 30 to 90 minutes. Yogis will be challenged to maintain focus and alignment, as well as their curiosity, as they revisit familiar postures in new ways and explore brand-new poses and variations as well.

Several classes begin with captivating stories about mythic figures such as Hanuman and Krishna and readings from seminal yogic texts like the Bhagavad Gita. These stories later come to life in themed practices sequenced to complement their lessons and wisdom.

Get to Know Noah

How did you get started practicing yoga?
My parents studied and practiced Eastern philosophies from before I was born. I grew up with the teachings and stories and practices of yoga. Some of my earliest memories include sitting for meditation with my parents. I started practicing yoga asana in earnest when I was 14 years old. It was the perfect blend of mindful awareness, philosophical and mythic teachings, and a powerful affirmation of somatic embodiment. I remember feeling like I had found home in Richard Freeman’s yoga studio in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado. From there it has continued for all of these decades.

What is essential in your yoga practice?
It is essential to have some time and space every day to deeply listen. To go into the darkness of my own shadows. To interrogate myself and the teachings in order to take them to heart again and again and manifest them in the world and stand in my light with as much skill and courage as I can embody. It is essential to do the work. Every day. And to laugh and play along the way. In addition to this, It is also essential to lengthen my hip flexors!

It is essential to have some time and space every day to deeply listen.

Who inspires you?
My wife Tracy inspires me. She has the strength and love of the true heroine’s affirmation of life and is the anchor of our family and our yoga business. She continues to teach me what love and courage truly mean.

My children inspire me: 9-year-old Madeleine is as kind and compassionate as she is insatiably curious and insightful; 6-year-old Oliver is as mischievous and loving as Bala Krishna and as nimble as Hanuman. They teach me to see the world with wonder and an open heart.

My teachers inspire me to continue learning and walking the path. Most progress is hard-won and is the result of steady effort: bit by bit, little by little, again and again.

My students inspire me—the way they embody the teachings and make them their own.

The teachings and practices of yoga are a constant companion and a treasure chest of jewels. I am particularly enamored with the great epic Mahabharata.

Nature inspires me with her abundant examples and opportunities to dive deeply into the wonder of it all.

Last and definitely not least, l am so deeply inspired by all those who strive for social justice, those who stand for dharma, who stand for those who are disempowered, who speak truth to power and do the difficult and unremitting work every day to make this world better.

What five words best describe you?
I’m not sure if this is meant to be words that I would use to describe myself, or words that I think others may (and have) used to describe me…but I’ll kind of split the difference:






Check Out Noah’s Newly Released Classes

Anatomical, Body-Region-Based Classes

Wings of Self-Effort and Grace: Understand and Strengthen the Shoulder Girdle (Intermediate, 60 minutes) 

Slow Cook Your Core (Intermediate, 60 minutes) 

Pose-Focused Classes

Camel Pose & Little Thunderbolt: A Backbend Journey (Intermediate, 30 minutes) 

Murder of Crows: Bakasana Cycles (Intermediate/Advanced, 30 minutes) 

Turn the World Upside Down: Intermediate Inversion Cycles (Intermediate, 30 minutes) 

Vinyasa Classes

Eye of the Tornado: Find Calm Amidst a Challenging Flow (Intermediate/Advanced, 45 minutes) 

Learn, Then Do! A Workshop-Based Class (Intermediate/Advanced, 30 minutes)


Krishna Story and Mantra Meditation (30 minutes)

Theme-Based Classes

On the Field of Dharma: Bhagavad Gita Inspired Flow (Beginner/Intermediate, 45 minutes)

Hanuman’s Leap: An Imaginative Journey to Front Splits (Intermediate, 90 minutes) 

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