15-Minute Guided Meditation with Sandy Anderson

April 11, 2014    BY Sandra Anderson
15 Minute Meditation

Find a relaxed and steady seat and cultivate sensitivity to the breath moving in and out of the nose. This awareness naturally will lead to an enhanced experience of prana (energy) collected and gathered at the eyebrow center. Thoughts will come and go but you find yourself established in an inner stillness that nurtures a deep and abiding sense of contentment and peace.

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Sandra Anderson
For over 20 years Sandra Anderson has shared her extensive experience in yoga theory and practice with students from all over the world. A senior faculty member and resident at the Himalayan Institute, her teaching reflects access to the living oral tradition, and the embodied experience of 30 years of dedicated practice. With a background in the natural sciences and interest in classical Sanskrit, along with frequent pilgrimages to India, Sandy has a rare capacity to eloquently convey the... Read more>>


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