Heart-Healing Meditation

January 10, 2014    BY Sue Neufeld

This short meditation will fill your heart with the healing energy of love, joy, and light and empty it of pain, sorrow, and darkness. Combining healing imagery with the flow of breath, Sue guides you toward the joy that is the natural state of your heart. “The light in the heart is permanent,” she says. “It is the light beyond all suffering.”

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Sue Neufeld
Sue Neufeld is a Level 2 certified ParaYoga® teacher. She is an international consultant for The Four Desires, a book published by her teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker in July, 2011. She teaches the course, assists Yogarupa with workshops, and offers monthly teleconference follow ups. All this is geared to helping others discover and live their soul's blueprint. Additionally, Sue works privately to help students develop home yoga and meditation practices.
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