Hip-Centered Flow: Grow a Blossoming Lotus

July 9, 2016    BY Natalie Wooller

Join Natalie for this 30-minute hip-opening sequence. Prepare the hamstrings for hip opening with pyramid pose; find balance, strengthen your core, and quiet the mind in peak pose, blossoming lotus. 

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Natalie Wooller
With a background in humanitarian aid, Natalie was introduced to Jivamukti Yoga after a friend brought her to her first Jivamukti class in 2010, shortly after returning from Iraq. In that first class, she experienced a release and, eager to understand the magic of Jivamukti, went on to complete the teacher training in 2011. Natalie later completed the 800-hour apprenticeship program with Rima Rabbath and received Advanced Certification in 2015.

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