Hip Opening and the Root Lock

with Jim Bennitt

Style: Hatha Yoga

Duration: 75 min

Intensity: Moderate

Props: None

Class Description

Learn how to use mula bandha (root lock) to connect to your core foundation! This sequence is designed to help you strike a balance between mobility and stability with slow, steady, yet challenging movement. 

Jim will guide you skillfully through rounds of sun salute A and B, classic standing poses, and you'll work toward deep hip-opening postures such as malasana (squat), pigeon, full splits, and more. 

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Jim Bennitt

Jim Bennitt

Jim teaches Tantric Vinyasa Yoga: an authentic, comprehensive practice influenced by ParaYoga, Universal Yoga, the Himalayan Institute, and the Krishnamacharya lineage. Based in Chicago and... Read more>>