Kapha Pacifying Yoga

July 5, 2013    BY Sarah Guglielmi

When kapha dosha is in excess, we tend to experience chronic tension and congestion in the chest area. Through this practice we move toward pacifying kapha with sun salutations, chest-opening backbends, shoulder strengtheners, and a strong standing sequence. Conclude the practice with a supportive inversion. 

This is an especially useful yoga practice for those days when you could use an energy boost or some extra motivation!

Props: yoga blocks (optional), and blanket (optional)

Audio and video downloads are available for Digital Members.

Sarah Guglielmi
Sarah Guglielmi is a professional educator in the fields of yoga and ayurveda. A former engineer, she was drawn to yoga 15 years ago looking for relief from chronic stress. Sarah not only regained her health, but discovered a deeper dimension to life she finds rich and inspiring. Her overarching intention is to make the transformative power of yoga and ayurveda accessible to her students.

Sarah has served on the faculty of the Himalayan Institute for the past 10 years. She has taught numerous... Read more>>


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