Learn, Then Do! A Workshop-Based Class

October 9, 2017    BY Noah Mazé

Experienced yogis, are you looking to add variety to your sun salutes—maybe by adding in a handstand, a few creative and challenging transitions, and even an eka pada koundinyasana II into your flows? 

Explore sliding, jumping, piking, handstand press-ups, and arm balancing, then learn how to integrate what you learned into surya namaskar A and B. 

Grab a pair of socks (for sliding) and enjoy!

Thank you to JadeYoga, the official mat of Yoga International.

Audio and video downloads are available for Digital Members.

Noah Mazé
Noah Mazé is recognized as among the most advanced of yoga practitioners and an accomplished teacher of yoga teachers, no matter what style of yoga you embrace. Noah’s fierce and compassionate dedication to yoga inspires and holds space for students to journey deeper into body, heart, mind, and spirit than they ever could have imagined. Noah founded Noah Mazé Yoga in 2003 and YOGAMAZÉ in Los Angeles, California in 2012. Noah is ever formulating and evolving a meaningful yoga curriculum to... Read more>>