Legs on a Chair Pose

March 24, 2015    BY AnaMargret Sanchez

Let's practice legs on a chair pose! This all-levels restorative asana is a great way to relax your lower back, and it's an excellent go-to if you just want to relax in general but only have a few minutes. You'll need a few blankets—pillows can also work—and a sandbag or ricebag are optional. Stay in this asana anywhere from five minutes (minimum) to fifteen (maximum).

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AnaMargret Sanchez
AnaMargret Sanchez has studied extensively with Rod Stryker and is a certified Para Yoga teacher. She also has extensive yoga therapy training, has trained in India at the Viniyoga school founded by T.K.V. Desikachar, and is certified by Judith Lasater as an advanced restorative yoga trainer. In addition to group classes, she teaches workshops, leads retreats and coaches private students. Her classes are strong and fun, and create a compassionate space for students to shine in their own light.


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