Let the Mantra Fill Your Mind: A Meditation Practice

June 19, 2014    BY John Daskovsky

When the sound of a mantra flows continuously and fills the space of your mind, it brings a deep contentment. This guided meditation begins with tips on sitting comfortably and then takes you through a breath awareness practice that leads you to the eyebrow center—the inner space between the nostrils and the crown of the head. As you focus on the feeling of the breath here, John invites you to let go of distracting thoughts and allow the sound of your personal mantra or the mantra so’ham to flow continuously in this space.

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John Daskovsky
Chief Information Officer for Yoga International and former Director of the Himalayan Institute Buffalo, John has completed his 500-Hour Teaching Certification and teaches classes on yoga and meditation. He lives at the Himalayan Institute with his wife and two young children.


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