New eCourse: BIG Spring Cleanse

June 12, 2014    BY Yoga International

Cleansing is a popular topic these days, especially in the yoga community. We have all heard about the various benefits of different cleanses: Weight loss! More energy! Mental clarity! Ranging from your basic juice cleanses to the extreme and even bizarre, while well intentioned, often they leave us feeling depleted and imbalanced. 

With the right understanding, cleansing is helpful for most people, especially in the spring—an internal spring cleaning, if you will. Ayurveda says that with the onset of spring and warmer weather, all of the toxins accumulated during the winter season begin to surface. Remember all of those holiday treats and extra mugs of hot cocoa you had because it’s cold outside and what else is there to do? Cleansing can help eliminate those toxins and promote health during the warmer months. 

A holistic cleanse will take a deeper approach and not only address the physical toxins but also provide us the mental space to “take stock of our lives.” What can we let go of in order to make room for what we really want—think cleaning out your closets! Cleansing, executed in the right way, can help us release negative habits and make a fresh start from where we can begin to move toward what we really want in life. 

It is with this intention that ayurvedic expert Kathryn Templeton brings us The BIG Spring Cleanse”—a new eCourse from Yoga International. This comprehensive cleanse includes:

  • Daily video instructions with Kathryn Templeton
  • Over 30 healthy recipes and a complete shopping guide
  • Yoga practices and relaxations to support your cleanse
  • A Dosha-Balancing Kit with specially selected oils and supplements (valued at over $100) 

The BIG Spring Cleanse is thoughtfully divided into three phases: First, a pre-cleanse mental preparation stage followed by a cleanse for the body from the inside out. Finish up with a period for integration and transition out of the cleansing period.  

Instead of just jumping on the cleanse bandwagon, let Kathryn Templeton and Yoga International support you completely as you cleanse holistically and mindfully—nurturing your body, mind, and spirit.

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