Nighty-Night Practice

July 20, 2015    BY Sarah Hutchinson

Join in this short practice designed to switch off the sympathetic nervous system (that's the fight-or-flight one) and switch on the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest-and-digest one). This practice includes dynamic child's pose, legs up the wall, a chair-supported forward fold, and a restful child's pose to help you calm your mind and bring that head energy into your heart. To finish, an easy ayurvedic foot massage moves you toward a nice deep sleep. Sweet Dreams!

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Sarah Hutchinson
Sarah Hutchinson teaches practical, integrated skills to upgrade health and vitality. Thriving amidst the complex challenges of today’s fast paced world is Sarah’s specialty. Founder of she mentors and supports busy people to accelerate their transformation through practical Ayurveda, energy management and coaching to remove the fears and blocks that hold us back from our best lives. Sarah helps busy people find the energy, clarity, and ease that may have... Read more>>


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