Pavan Muktasana: A Practice to Ease Achy Joints

February 11, 2017    BY Britt B. Steele

Relieve joint pain, increase your range of motion, and de-stress as you practice this classical hatha sequence designed to mobilize all of the major joints while invigorating the body with breath. Focus on the movements themselves, then the breath as it moves through the body, and finally direct your attention to the energy that is cultivated in this powerful practice. 

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Britt B. Steele
Britt is a thought leader in modern yoga tethered to the ancient teachings, and is the author of Pilgrim: Live Your Yoga Every Single Day. She is a guiding light in the world, dedicated to bringing the powerful and simple teachings of yoga to the forefront of life today. She works with students and teachers alike to discover the hidden depths of the practice and to be a guide in bringing these potent teachings into day to day life. Britt lives with her husband at Deva Daaru YogaFarm, an hour... Read more>>


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