Peak Pose: Supta Virasana (Reclined Hero)

April 29, 2016    BY Karen Shelley

Need an antidote to a long day of sitting, slouching, travel, or computer work? This intermediate level class is just over an hour long and focuses on a series of chest, hip flexor, and quad openers. Warming and releasing these larger muscles of the front body prepares you for the peak pose of the class, supta virasana (reclined hero pose). 

Props: 2 blocks, a strap, and 2 blankets 

Audio and video downloads are available for Digital Members.

Karen Shelley
Karen Shelley is a Brooklyn-based yoga instructor who leads group classes throughout New York City and creates epic, global yoga retreats. She weaves energy, fluidity, play, and tons of hands-on assists into her teaching. Prior to teaching yoga, she earned a master’s degree in English and worked in advertising, publishing, and nonprofit management. Today, with business in the background and yoga in the foreground, Karen delivers breath-centered instruction to her students, but she continues... Read more>>


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