Pitta Pacifying Yoga

July 2, 2013    BY Sarah Guglielmi

Great for cooling off the body and mind when you feel overly intense and hot.  Learn to focus your awareness in the abdomen, where pitta dosha is concentrated in the small intestine. Begin in crocodile pose, centering the body and mind.  Counting inhales and exhales, coordinate your movement, breath, and mind through slow sun salutations, a strong standing sequence, and finally, a deep relaxation.

Yoga Mats Courtesy of Jade Yoga

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Sarah Guglielmi
Sarah Guglielmi has been on a personal journey of healing and spiritual growth for over 15 years. She has taught yoga since 2002 in corporate, studio, and clinical settings. Originally drawn to yoga practice to relieve chronic stress and illness, Sarah has not only regained her health, but has discovered a spiritual dimension of life she finds rich and inspiring. Sarah serves on the teaching faculty of the Himalayan Institute and is the Professional Education Manager at their headquarters,... Read more>>

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