Práctica para Desarrollar Fortaleza y Resistencia

February 4, 2015    BY Maria-luisa Chea

Si estás buscando un reto, con esta práctica intermedia iras construyendo fuerza y resistencia a través de secuencias de posturas de complejidad progresiva. Para terminar, una relajación guiada que restaurará lo más profundo de tu ser.

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Maria-luisa Chea
Maria-Luisa shares her enthusiasm and reverence for Yoga with her students as she guides them in exploring the layers of their being through breath centered, alignment based practices that encompass asana, pranayama, relaxation and meditation. She has completed the Himalayan Institute’s 500-hourTeacher Training and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Program; she is also certified as a Prenatal Yoga Teacher by Janice Clarfield and is a DONA trained Doula. In 2013, Maria Luisa founded Santo Domingo Yoga... Read more>>


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