Release Acute Tension in the Lower Back

May 20, 2015    BY Jen Stout

Sitting a lot? Maybe your back feels a little tight or sore? Join Jen for this accessible practice that focuses on relieving tension in the lower back. 

Props: 1 block, 1 blanket 

Audio and video downloads are available for Digital Members.

Jen Stout
Jen Stout (RYT 500 and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist) is a professional yoga teacher and therapist trained in the disciplines of hatha yoga, tantra and ayurveda within the Himalayan tradition. She was inspired to pursue yoga in 2006 when she began practicing through the Para Yoga tradition. Her passion for inner fulfilment through yoga lead her to the source of these teachings, the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy. In 2011, Jen became a resident of the Himalayan Institute so she... Read more>>


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