5 min

Restorative Child’s Pose

with AnaMargret Sanchez


We're often told "If you need to rest, drop into child's pose" during asana classes, but how often do any of us really practice balasana in a restorative way? In this six-minute practice, Anamargret will invite you to explore this asana as a focal point of practice. If your knees are happy, stay five-minutes or longer—rest up, and enjoy!

Props: several blankets (or towels, or cushions), a bolster, and a block 

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AnaMargret Sanchez

AnaMargret Sanchez

AnaMargret Sanchez has studied extensively with Rod Stryker and is a certified Para Yoga teacher. She also has extensive yoga therapy training, has trained in India at the Viniyoga school founded by... Read more>>