Shortened Primary Series: Seated Sequence

February 23, 2016    BY Christie Rafanan

Short on time? Enjoy this condensed version of seated postures from the Ashtanga primary series. This class can be practiced on its own (following your favorite yoga warm-up), but it's also a perfect follow-up to the Shortened Primary Series: Standing Poses sequence.

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Christie Rafanan
In 2006, Christie Rafanan attended her first yoga practice in the small town of Yountville, California—an event that would forever change her life.
Unconsciously on a path toward self-discovery, Christie began to realize the time on her mat was more than just a physical challenge; she had discovered a way of uniting body and mind, breath with mindful movement, and a way of living life while making conscious, healthy decisions.

Christie has studied with many teachers on her journey in yoga,... Read more>>


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