Svadhyaya: The Study of Practice

April 7, 2017    BY Diana Hulet

Immerse yourself in a sea of self-reflection; explore what yoga means to you both on and off the mat. Join Diana in this slow, mindful, and powerful 30-minute flow, including: meditative twisted lunges, prasarita padottanasana, and quieting seated folds.

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Diana Hulet
I came into this lifetime with parents I will always consider my first teachers. I steeped myself in the necessary and vibrant love of the natural world, and was continually shown that trees and ocean waves were entry points into a life well lived. I walked into my first yoga class at the age of 18, and saw my mat as another pathway into the mystery of being human.

I continued my studies at Integral Yoga Institute in New York City, and then made the journey west, arriving at the door of... Read more>>


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